Consent is going to be much more tricky to manage with GDPR and may not be the best basis for processing. Download our article to find out more.

GDPR - We need to talk about consent

"If you would still process the personal data without consent, asking for consent is misleading and inherently unfair." - Information Commissioners Office

Are you a recruiter who wants to know more about obtaining consent to collect data from your applicants? Do you understand what you need to do when processing an individual’s data?

Our featured article, ‘GDPR – we need to talk about consent’, sets out what you need to know. In it, we talk about the current use of ‘consent’ in the business world, and how the GDPR will change that. We cover the reasons why consent is going to be much more problematic under GDPR and may not even be the best basis for processing data.

For example, the article states that ‘consent will be required if you want to keep someone's details outside the selection process, but you will not be permitted to simultaneously get consent for recruitment marketing at the same time as someone is submitting an application.’

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