Transforming Early Careers Hiring the Hollaroo Way

Imagine having the opportunity to deploy a fully-digital approach to talent relationship building, assessment and onboarding, to meet today's challenges as well as supporting your candidates expectations for the future...

How does Early Careers Hiring differ?

Strategic:  You're building the workforce for the future.  Could you have the future CEO in your cohort?!

Focused firmly on potential:  There's a definite need to concerntrate upon soft skills and inherent capability.

Long-term:  From initial contact to joining the organisations can take many months, if not years.

Open:  Candidates can talk openly about their experience and other stakeholders will have an influence in the decision making.

A Digitalised approach

The Hollaroo platform is designed to build and maintain long-term relationships with talent.

As a people network, the Hollaroo platform facilitates
human interaction between groups of candidates,
recruiters, brand ambassadors, advisors and any other
relevant influencers.



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