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Your data is always safe & secure.

We firmly believe that your platform security isn't something to be messed with.  We operate in the same way you'd expect an enterprise SaaS technology with considerable rigour and planning.

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  • Access to our SaaS is encrypted and authenticated by a SSL 3.0 128-Bit Certificate. HTTPs is encforced and any http query is redirected to https before processing.
  • Backups are encrypted using AES encryption.
  • One-way encryption algorithm used and passwords stored as a salted hash.
  • And many more security features to put you and your users at ease...
Hollaroo GDPR

Ready to go with GDPR compliance.

At Hollaroo we are proud that data protection and security have been at the heart of our technology since its inception. Our vision has always been aligned with the GDPR principles of privacy by design, informed consent and user rights.

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