Hollaroo GDPR

Take ownership of GDPR to reap the benefits

The GDPR ethos of giving users transparency and control should be at the heart of what you do.

Compliance teams will understand the regulations but not your processes. Without your input you risk the imposition of unsuitable solutions..

  • This is not just about technology.

    GDPR is about organisations having a much better understanding of how they handle and process personal information in any form.

  • This is all about user control.

    User control is the core GDPR principle. You probably store information on hundreds of thousands of candidates. How will you handle even a small proportion demanding access?

  • Treat this as an opportunity not a threat.

    You now have an excellent business case to not only become compliant but get better processes in place for the future. Use the opportunity!

Hollaroo GDPR

Hollaroo and the GDPR

Although built before GDPR was even on the horizon, the Hollaroo platform aligns with GDPR core principles of privacy by design, lawful processing and individual rights. GDPR is about giving users control over their data and Hollaroo is about giving talent control over their experience - a perfect fit!

  • Privacy by design

    The GDPR regulations not only require data to be stored in a secure environment but also that organisations have control over access to the data and an audit of activity so that any suspicious activity can be identified. Hollaroo security and comprehensive audit capabilities meet these requirements.

  • Lawful processing of data

    The GDPR identifies six legal bases for lawful processing - with particularly strict conditions on managing consent.  Where consent is the best basis for processing the Hollaroo invitation acceptance process manages this no matter what the source of candidate.

  • Individual rights

    The GDPR gives individuals rights to view, amend, export and delete their data at any point and organisations have very tight timescales to comply. Bringing user data into a Hollaroo system allows these request to be processed quickly and easily - often by the candidates themselves!

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