Providing opportunities to grow.

It is depressingly common for organisations to not be able to offer their own employees the visibility of opportunities, and potential career paths that are available to external candidates. Let's make a change, and provide your internal teams with the opportunity to expand their career...

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Breaking the traditional recruitment cycle.

The recruitment process is still almost entirely vacancy-driven, marketing tends to be about active jobs and the only option for candidates is to enter into a selection process.

This process is even less suitable for internal candidates, where the pool of talent is smaller and impact on existing teams needs to be considered.

The Hollaroo platform enables a new way of thinking, benefiting everyone.

  • The time and space to understand the capabilities and aspirations of your employees.
  • Visibility of the development pathway and the chance to explore without pressure.
  • Connection with future teams and decision makers, as well as existing ones, making this a truly collaborative process.
Hollaroo Collaboration

Cross-team collaboration & sharing.

The Hollaroo suite of solutions covers the whole range of relationships between individuals and your organisation.

The common theme is giving users the ability to develop a relationship with the organisation, broaden their knowledge, participate in conversations and build personal connections. 

  • Strategic succession planning

    Blend internal and external talent, developing and ready-to-go talent into a combined succession plan. Give line managers early visibility on potential replacements.

  • Conversation not process

    Build an internal mobility plan that suits both the organisation and employees. Inform, engage and connect to make this truly collaborative.

  • Early insight

    Start the conversation about capabilities and potential. Involve line managers and future team-members. Manage timing around shared benefits.

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