The current state of play

How often do you hear that people need to leave an organisation to progress their career?

Typically, available opportunities are driven by short term needs rather than career development.

A Hollaroo network gives your employees the time and space to understand the possibilities, build connections with future colleagues and plan their next steps in advance.

How we view the world

We believe that the very best relationships are built over time.  Firstly, bringing the right people together in context.  Then, developing a genuine connection at the right pace. While establishing a really clear understanding of how, why, when and the preferred method of communication.  Imagine if ALL relationships were built this sensitively!

Our Guiding Principles

We often find that HR Tech encourages employers to ‘shout’ at their audiences by automating various processes – pushing content, information or commands which are required for individuals to progress.

The world of marketing and especially recruitment has changed. We digest content at our own pace, and in the manner which best suits us as individuals.

In time, push will be a switch off for potential candidates and your employees themselves.  

Collaboration will be at the heart of all engagement.

Dialogue – Interaction - Simple sign up – gathering information and preferences along the way.

Hollaroo’s SaaS technology enables people and organisations to connect – via a suite of solutions which can be deployed individually or collectively.

At Its Heart...

Combining the very best of Intranet, CMS and CRM functionality, and complementing your existing ATS/HCM - Hollaroo is a Communication Platform which allows organisations to place their candidates, employees or members at the heart of their community.

We help you to present content, information, advice and guidance in an accessible and digestible way for candidates, employees or alumni. Users decide exactly how and when they interact with the rich information you present.

The Hollaroo Way

Hollaroo is a talent engagement platform enabling you to leverage the power of anytime referrals, create pipelines of the best future talent, on-board new hires and create communities to manage your succession planning approach.

We create seamless engagement by helping organisations to build a destination point for future candidates, referred talent, alumni networks, diverse groups, graduates and your own employee teams.

Imagine a world where you can stay connected to all the great talent your company has ever met and all the great talent you ever will meet.

Better still, imagine a world where you can empower all those people as brand advocates to introduce even more great talent to your organisation.

Hollaroo puts you in control of your own employee engagement with your brand values at its heart.  Connecting you to the right talent at the right time to bridge the talent gap and transform your recruitment.